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2018-19 Sign up



A message from our Coach, Tim Reyes:


Hello Parents!
I would like to thank all 2018-19 Volunteers whom have signed up to help out with the 100 Mile Club for the upcoming school year at Beacon Park! If there are any changes, please let me know ASAP!
Sangeetha Umashankar - Water Helper
Radha Wuppalapati - Water Helper
Michelle Ouchi - Gym Mileage Chart Helper, 5th & MS PE Update
Sarah Nees - Gym Mileage Chart Helper
Narmada Mahesh - Award Helper
Rekha Manivannan - Activity Organizer
In addition, I do need 2-3 more positions filled for coaching when school starts! 
The 100 Mile Club should happen 3 days a week consecutively throughout the year for children to reach 100 Miles. If you are interested in helping out 1x day a week, please visit the link below and sign up!
Coaching Description:
Join the 100 Mile Club team as a COACH! Individual scanners will be provided for you to manage and upload. Sign up to coach for 1st Semester (Aug-Dec), 2nd Semester (Jan-May) or Both. Choose a slot that works best for your schedule: Monday through Friday, AM (7:30-8:00) or PM (2:30-3:30, except Wednesday 1:30-2:30). No running experience necessary.







Regular meet times TBD. Special meet times TBD.



Sign your child up for the 100 Mile Club
 herePlease note - parental supervision required. This is NOT a drop-off activity.

What is the 100 Mile Club?

Our sole purpose is to improve the health and well-being of children at school through daily physical activity in a noncompetitive, supportive, and fully-inclusive environment.

The Rules

  • Be Safe 
  • Be Responsible 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Kind 
  • Do Your Best 



The Mantras

  • Make each day your masterpiece 
  • Be true to yourself 
  • Don't whine 
  • Don't complain 
  • Don't make excuses 

Weekly Meets at the Field

  • TBD

Special Meets (get more miles at these fun events!)

  • TBD



Extracurricular Running Events

Want to add some extra mileage in the mix? The 100 Mile Club at Beacon Park School will allow you add mileage by participating in races. Please check back throughout the year for updated events!


If you sign up and run the race, please bring your running bib and medal, or a picture of you holding them, to the next meet. We’ll add it in with your regular mileage. Please note that I may not be there with you, so adult supervision or participation is required!


For more information, contact Tim Reyes at 100MC@BeaconParkPTA.org Please note: no refunds will be offered for this activity. Thank you for your understanding.



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