Beacon Park Cares

A Beacon Park School PTA Initiative



Mission Statement:  We strive to give back to our local community and offer our students opportunities to make a difference.


In following with Standard 6 - “Collaborating with Community” of the National PTA, we will:  

  • Make sure partnership activities strengthen families and link to student learning.
  • Sponsor days on which students go into the community to perform needed work or services. 

This year we need a chairperson to run this program. If you are interested, please email Andrea.


Suggestions of other organizations?  Please email your suggestions for this school year’s community service program, that follows the parameters listed below to Andrea or Erica.



-Accepts food/goods as donations

-Provides a courier service and collection boxes/bins

-Has a “hands-on” opportunity for students

-Local and in close proximity to school



Pledge Drive 2018-19

Irvine Unified School District is one of the highest performing school districts in ALL of California. However, did you know that our District is one the lowest funded in California and in Orange County? Despite the statistics, we aim to provide for every Bengal student. How does this happen?

It all begins with our annual Back to School Pledge Drive! Bengal target goal is $45,000.



Angst Movie Screening




We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!

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