To support the education of our children through participation and build community/friendships with other Dads at Beacon Park.  We support the PTA & Beacon Park Staff put on events throughout the year, volunteer in classrooms and around campus, chaperone on field trips and help raise money to help ensure Beacon Park students have everything they need to succeed!  We are Dads that want the best for our kid’s and to have fun along the way!



Dads Club assistance needed:

  • Fall Social 10/26
  • Dads and Donuts 

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Pledge Drive 2018-19

Irvine Unified School District is one of the highest performing school districts in ALL of California. However, did you know that our District is one the lowest funded in California and in Orange County? Despite the statistics, we aim to provide for every Bengal student. How does this happen?

It all begins with our annual Back to School Pledge Drive! Bengal target goal is $45,000.



Angst Movie Screening




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