Science Olympiad

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Division A (Grade 4th-6th)

Science Olympiad Division A interest form due 10/31/2023


Science Olympiad is a team-based competition like an academic track event with 16 events where students partner with their teammates in either of the 3 formats of tests - written test, build a model, or lab event. The competition is with teams from schools across the country, city, or county.  There are 16 events from various scientific fields including biology, engineering, forestry, and space among others.  These are divided into 5 groups (Strands) with 3-4 events per 2 students with the whole team comprising 10-12 students. The scores are cumulative for the team.


Competitions are invitationals that can be either in online format or in-person. We are planning on attending only local school events for in-person format that are mostly held on a Saturday.


This program is brought to students by the PTA Bengal Brain Builders (B3) program.


Questions? Contact the Science Olympiad Chairperson at