Reflections Art Contest 2023-2024

Thank you to each and every student for submitting your one-of-a-kind artwork - we are so proud of our Bengal artists. Congrats to the following winners, especially to the Award of Excellence winners for moving on to district-level judging! Check out the video below to see all of our Bengals' submissions, and scroll down to see the list of winners.

Award of Excellence

Yoenji Bona Choi, 2nd grade - Visual Arts 

Ellyn Hwang, 3rd grade - Visual Arts 

Karina Yean, 6th grade - Visual Arts 

Jaffna Jayaraman, 5th grade - Photography 

Mahima Wuppalapati, 8th grade - Photography 

Meghana Wuppalapati, 7th grade - Music Composition (winner of IUCPTA Award of Excellence - moving on to 4th District PTA for judging)

Audrey Chen, 3rd grade - Dance Choreography 

Aalya Aggarwal, 4th grade - Literature 

Mahima Wuppalapati, 8th grade - Literature 

Milo Spradlin, 3rd grade - Film Production 

Mahima Wuppalapati, 8th grade - Film Production 


Award of Merit 

Zoe Fenstermaker, PK - Visual Arts 

Elise Lee, 3rd grade - Visual Arts 

Amy (Hoeyeon) Kim, 8th grade - Visual Arts 

Navika Bhola, 5th grade - Photography 

Sanil Shiralkar, 6th grade - Photography 

Ishani Bhola, 7th grade - Literature 

Meghana Wuppalapati, 7th grade - Film Production 


Honorable Mention 

Kai Tsubouchi, 2nd grade - Visual Arts 

Connor Sun, 3rd grade - Visual Arts 

Junyong Lee, 3rd grade - Visual Arts 

Rosie Kim, 4th grade - Visual Arts 

Meghana Wuppalapati, 7th grade - Visual Arts 

Mahima Wuppalapati, 8th grade - Visual Arts 

Meghana Wuppalapati, 7th grade - Photography 

Vincent Cho, 7th grade - Literature



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