Chairperson/Committee Documents & Resources


Thank you for volunteering to support a committee. Below please find available resources to help with planning.










 Vendors/Concessionaires/Service Providers must sign. 



 (Please put all completed reimbursement forms with receipts in the box of hanging folder labeled "Treasurer" in the Parent Room).


Green activities are "approved activities and events." Vendors still need to be in compliance.





 Yellow Activities require additional insurance/documents (i.e. waivers etc). The conditions are listed with each activity.



Red Activities are prohibited activities and events.



 Waivers are also available online on the PTA Website when logged in. Go to "My Account" --> "My Forms"




Please submit all items (flyers, banners, certificates, lamination etc.) that need to be copied or printed to: Printing can take up to 2 weeks, please plan in advance. PDF-version is preferable. Beacon Park PTA does not use the school's printing or copying machines.



Tax ID

Beacon Park PTA is a nonprofit 501(c) 3. Often donations may require our Tax ID: 90-11227770








Brick Fundraiser

Leave your mark at Beacon Park School by purchasing an engraved brick with a message or name. These bricks will be a part of our school for years to come.


Dine Outs

Save the Date- 11/28!



We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!

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Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

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