Fun Run 2/1/23

Volunteer HERE!


This is a PTA-sponsored outdoor obstacle course (NOT a fundraiser) to encourage outdoor fun, exercise, school spirit, and family engagement for Kindergarten through 5th grade students! Each student will receive a FREE t-shirt!


Students will complete the super fun course by grade level on Wednesday, February 1st. Please sign up to volunteer! You are welcome and encouraged to sign up for any available spot, even if your student is not participating at that time.


5th Grade: 8:15am - 9:15am


1st Grade: 9:15am - 10:10am


Kindergarten: 10:10am - 10:50am


3rd Grade: 10:50am - 11:30am


2nd Grade: 11:30am - 12:10pm


4th Grade: 12:20pm - 1:00pm


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