Beacon Park Bengals Scavenger Hunt #1

2021-22 School Year

Join us for some COVID19 safe, family friendly fun from Friday, September 17th beginning at 3 pm through Saturday, September 18th ending at 3 pm. Please follow all COVID19 guidelines.


All clues are located within Pavilion Park, Novel Park, and Beacon Park neighborhoods. Some will be located in common areas and some in Bengal family front yards.


The Bengal logos and letters will look like this:




Follow the clues to find the Bengal logos with letters at the top. Unscramble the letters, work out the secret phrase, and submit your answer here to be entered into a prize drawing! Limited to 1 entry per family.


Hint: the phrase will be in the format of  _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ 


Printable clues here.


Pavilion Park clues

  1. A street named after what jeans are made of
  2. A street with a name that is a woven material used to make something such as furniture or a basket
  3. A street that is a kind of fish that swims up stream 

Beacon Park clues

  1. A street that is a word for grow or raise
  2. A street named after a television production company
  3. A street relating to a star or stars
  4. A street that is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
  5. A location where you would dunk a ball
  6. A street name that signifies a warning symbol, signal or celebration

Novel Park clues

  1. A street with a name that conveys a moral.  It is a type of myth or legend genre usually including animals or other characters
  2. A street name that has the same name as an online reading tool that many kids used or have used at Beacon Park School
  3. A street with a name that is a singing voice between baritone and alto





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