Family Scavenger Hunt 9/23-9/24




3pm Friday 9/23 through 3pm Saturday 9/24



All clues will be located within Pavilion Park, Novel Park, and Beacon Park neighborhoods, some in common areas and some in Bengal family front yards.



Students and their families can journey through some of our Great Park Neighborhoods for some safe, family-friendly fun over the weekend.




Follow the clues to find the Bengal logos with letters at the top. Unscramble the letters, work out the secret phrase, and submit your answer to be entered into a prize drawing! Limited to 1 entry per family.


Submit answer phrase HERE or scan below!




Hint: the phrase will be in the format of  _ _ _  _ _   _ _ _ _ 


Printable clues HERE!


Pavilion Park clues: 

  1.       A street with a name that is a device which is used for direction.
  2.       A street with a name that is a generic term for coffee.
  3.       A street that is name of a limb of a tree.

Beacon Park clues:

  1.       A street that is the name of a water sport that is sometimes called crew in the United States.
  2.       A street that rhymes with pixie.
  3.       A street with a name that is an agricultural byproduct after the grain is removed.
  4.       A street that is the name of a device with one wheel which is used for carrying large loads.

Novel Park clues:

  1.       A street with a name that is an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly.
  2.       A street name that means heroic, majestic or impressively great.



Letter clues will look like this! ↓↓↓


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